Our Opiates Addiction Rehab & Treatment Program in Kennett Square, PA

At Bowling Green, located in Kennett Square, PA, we put forth the effort to ensure that each and every one of our residents in our treatment and rehab programs stands the greatest chance of being successful in the recovery process. In order to fulfill our goal of providing world class care to the men and women who choose to heal with us in our program, we are proud to offer specialized treatment and rehab for individuals battling addictions to heroin, prescription pain medications, and other opiates. This rehab and treatment is supplied through our opiate program and is where residents grappling with addictions to opiates can find the physical and psychological healing needed to break free from the chains of such addictions.

In order to effectively care for those in our rehab program who wish to recover from opiate addictions, medically monitored detox is often the first phase of treatment recommended. At Bowling Green, once it is determined that detox services are necessary for effective treatment and rehab, residents will meet with one of our program’s doctors to determine the most appropriate and effective detox protocols that will meet each resident’s treatment needs. Our helpful and compassionate medical staff in our rehab program then monitor the process of detox in order to make residents as comfortable as possible and to ensure that each resident’s physical safety is preserved during the withdrawal process.

Additionally, if a man or woman transfers to our center from a medication assisted treatment program and is currently taking methadone or Subutex, our program’s staff will administer the resident’s current dose. As long as treatment and rehab records and a return to clinic letter are provided, residents in this treatment program can remain on methadone or Subutex or work with our treatment team to discuss tapering off of these medications.

Bowling Green’s opiate treatment and rehab program also supplies medication assisted treatment to residents who do not come to our center with existing prescriptions for medications used to alleviate opiate withdrawal. The following medications are among those offered within this innovative program:

  • Vivitrol
  • Naltrexone

Residents engaged in the opiate rehab program will also participate in various therapeutic treatment interventions during their time in a program at Bowling Green in Kennett Square. Individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy are among the treatment and rehab methods offered in this program and are where residents will likely reap the following benefits:

  • Residents will come to understand why and how they began abusing opiates.
  • Residents will learn the skills needed to abstain from abusing opiates in the future.
  • Residents will receive the necessary support from our program’s staff and others who have endured similar struggles.

In choosing Bowling Green’s opiate treatment program to begin your recovery journey, you will soon come to know a life that is healthy and no longer hindered by opiate addiction. Let us help you realize a brighter tomorrow.

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