Our Programs

For more than 30 years, Bowling Green has been a premier provider of effective chemical dependency treatment.

The care that we provide at Bowling Green is based upon the belief that chemical dependency is a highly treatable issue that can be arrested through an approach that integrates medical, pharmacological, clinical, behavioral, and 12-Step interventions. Our treatment also incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and a person-centered therapeutic approach.

Through the decades, our approach to treatment has evolved to reflect the most current and best evidence-based practices. Since the day we opened our doors, though, one element has remained constant: our commitment to providing our residents with the highest quality of care in an atmosphere that retains the dignity and respect for each resident who chooses to heal with us.

To ensure that residents receive the type and level of care that is best suited to meet their unique needs, Bowling Green offers three programs for men and women, and one additional and less intensive program for men only.

Medically Monitored Detoxification Program: Detox at Bowling Green is a short-term, medically monitored program for men and women who need to rid their bodies of the toxic substances that have contributed to an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. This program and its services are implemented prior to residents entering either the inpatient rehabilitation or dual diagnosis programs. Residents in the detox program are provided with the opportunity to receive medication management services and chances to participate in individual and group therapy sessions.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Program: The inpatient rehabilitation program is for men and women who are struggling with substance use disorders. This treatment option includes individual, group, and experiential therapies, as well as a weekly family program. Residents engaged in this program also collaborate closely with their counselors to ensure that the most appropriate level of care is provided post-discharge.

Dual Diagnosis Program: This program is for men and women who are dealing with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health conditions. Residents in the dual diagnosis program participate in individual, group, and experiential therapies, and they and their family members are encouraged to attend the weekly family program. Post-discharge planning is also incorporated into the dual diagnosis program in order to make sure that the progress made while at Bowling Green is continued after leaving our center.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Bowling Green provides a less intensive PHP for men who have completed either inpatient rehabilitation or dual diagnosis treatment and who need the additional support of a structured step-down program prior to returning home. Men who enroll in our PHP reside in off-campus housing and are transported to and from the Bowling Green campus for six hours of programming each day. PHP residents also participate in off-campus 12-step meetings each evening and they and their family members are invited to attend the weekly family program.

At Bowling Green, we understand that chemical dependency and co-occurring conditions affect individuals in uniquely personal ways. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing care that reflects and addresses the specific needs of each person who chooses to heal with us. We remain firmly committed to our mission of providing exceptional care to the people we treat and providing the most effective treatments we are able to deliver.

To learn more about these programs, give Bowling Green a call today. Our staff is on-hand to answer any and all questions that you may have.

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