Program For Pregnant Women

At Bowling Green, we offer a specialized program for women, aged 18 and older, who are pregnant and battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol. This specialty program is designed to augment the 12-step process of recovery and ensure more successful treatment outcomes for the women who are entrusted into our care.

Taking into account the sensitive needs that are unique to pregnant women, those who take part in the pregnancy program are provided with the opportunity to engage in the same programming options offered through our traditional residential program, yet are afforded additional services in order to ensure their comfort and safety throughout their time spent in treatment.

Upon arriving at Bowling Green, women will meet face-to-face with the doctor for a thorough medical assessment in order to determine what the safest detox option will be in order to appropriately address their needs. Once this decision has been made and programming has begun, residents will be able to receive the following services:

  • A nutritionist comes once a week to meet with residents in this program to speak to them about proper nutrition so that they can learn how to healthily care for themselves and their babies.
  • Appointments are scheduled with an OB/GYN once a month, unless more frequent appointments are deemed necessary. When additional appointments are indicated by the OB/GYN, accommodations will be made for residents to attend.
  • In order to ensure that women are provided with an ample amount of time to get the rest that they need during pregnancy, residents in the pregnancy program are provided with an additional hour to rest at 3:30 each day.
  • Residents in the pregnancy program are also provided with extra snacks throughout the day in order to make sure that they are receiving appropriate nutrition and sustenance for both themselves and their babies.
  • If residents give birth while in treatment, arrangements are made so that they can visit their babies once every other day. They can also detox off of methadone at this time, if it is deemed clinically appropriate to do so.

Recognizing the importance that continuing care plays in the lives of those who have struggled with addiction, the dedicated staff at Bowling Green works diligently with residents in the pregnancy program to make sure that they have a plan in place for how they will continue to receive support once they return to their communities. For those who still require methadone maintenance, we will set them up with a clinic that is located near them so that they are able to conveniently attend scheduled appointments.

If you or a loved one is pregnant and in need of caring and compassionate care to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, look no further than Bowling Green. Here, we will provide comprehensive treatment in the safest and most comfortable environment possible, ensuring successful recovery outcomes while also safeguarding the wellbeing of you or your loved one, as well as the unborn baby.

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