Our Philosophy

For more than 30 years, Bowling Green has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to men and women who are struggling with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis concerns.

Our Addiction Treatment Methods

Through the decades, our treatment methods have evolved as we have developed and adopted new standards for research-based and evidence-supported best practices. But from the day we accepted our first resident, one constant has remained unchanged: We are committed to establishing and maintaining a premier treatment environment in which men and women can receive the care they need in an atmosphere of serenity, security, dignity, and respect.

Treatment at Bowling Green is based on the belief that chemical dependency is a highly treatable issue that can be arrested through an approach that employs medical, pharmacological, clinical, behavioral, and 12-Step interventions.

A Vibrant & Dynamic Healing Community

However, our priority is not only to provide a clinically superior treatment experience. We also endeavor to ensure that the essential components of that experience are customized to meet the unique needs of each man and woman who chooses to heal with us.

When a person enters treatment at Bowling Green, he or she doesn’t simply become another resident who can benefit from our expertise. Instead, he or she becomes an active member of a vibrant and dynamic healing community; one in which experienced and dedicated professionals engage in active collaboration with residents to ensure that they are receiving the type and level of care they need to identify, address, and ultimately overcome the obstacles that have been preventing them from living their lives to their greatest potential.

Our Philosophy, Mission, & Vision

At Bowling Green, our philosophy, mission, and vision are all focused on incorporating integrity, honesty, and compassion into our ongoing effort to be the premier source of care and support for adults who are struggling with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis concerns:

  • Our philosophy is to work with honesty, compassion, and diligence in providing clinical excellence and quality care to those whom we treat.
  • Our mission is to provide exceptional care to the people we treat and to provide the most effective treatments possible.
  • Our vision is to remain dedicated to the effort required to be a leading treatment provider. We will work with integrity and respect for our employees, colleagues, and those that we treat. We will continuously strive to improve the care we provide and the services that we offer.

Take the Next Steps

If you or someone you care about is searching for the types of solutions that we provide at Bowling Green, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have about our program and to help you determine if Bowling Green is, indeed, the perfect place for yourself or your loved one to begin the recovery journey.

Take an Assessment

We offer quick and anonymous online assessments to help gauge the severity of your or your loved one’s addiction or mental health disorder. Choose from the available assessments below.