Our Drug & Alcohol Addiction PHP Treatment Program in Kennett Square, PA

We believe chemical dependency is a highly treatable issue. Offering a variety of interventions ranging from medical to 12-Step, we provide our clients with flexible treatment options that help them achieve their recovery goals.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Bowling Green, located in Kennett Square, PA, offers a partial hospitalization program (PHP) treatment option for male patients who have completed our addiction rehabilitation or dual diagnosis program, but who need a structured step-down level of treatment to help them make a successful transition home.

The typical length of stay in PHP is, on average, about 10 days. However, the actual length of time that one spends in PHP receiving treatment and rehab will be determined based solely on one’s specific needs. During this time in the treatment program, residents reside in off-campus housing. They are transported to our center each day for six hours of on-campus rehab and treatment that incorporates CBT and person-centered therapeutic approaches.

A Typical Day

PHP residents also participate in off-campus 12-Step meetings. Transportation between our campus treatment program, the 12-step meetings, and the off-campus housing is provided by Bowling Green staff. PHP residents are also provided with three meals each day.

During a typical day of receiving rehab and treatment in PHP, residents in the program begin by meeting with their primary counselors for a morning process group. Following this session, they will participate in a variety of groups, including psychoeducational groups, 12-Step groups, gender groups, community meetings, and daily wrap-up meetings. Topics covered in these sessions may include the following:

  • Amends
  • Anger and Substance Use
  • Breaking from Past Lifestyles
  • Cycles of Behavior and Self-Responsibility
  • The Family and Substance Use
  • Guilt Traps
  • Recovering Emotions
  • Recovery Ain’t Easy
  • Reflection
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Stress Tricks
  • Stages of Change
  • Stink Think
  • Treating Your Own Addiction

PHP residents may also participate in music therapy or other types of experiential therapy as part of their psychoeducational treatment groups. Reiki and meditation are also available to PHP residents.

Therapeutic Options Available

Twice each week, the program’s residents participate in individual therapy sessions with a PHP counselor.

PHP residents are also transported to off-campus 12-Step meetings, which provide a real-world setting in which they can begin to use the skills that they have been developing during treatment and rehab in the program.

Family therapy sessions are scheduled only on an as-needed basis in this treatment program, but family members of PHP residents are encouraged to attend Bowling Green’s weekly family program, which is held each Sunday. The family program features a one-hour psychoeducational presentation for family members, followed by an hour-long meeting between the PHP resident, his family, and an available counselor. Representatives of Al Anon also attend these meetings to provide relevant information to the loved ones of our PHP residents.

At the end of the day in the treatment and rehab program, the PHP residents are transported back to the off-campus residence, where they are monitored by Bowling Green staff.

Take an Assessment

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