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The class of drugs known as stimulants range from illicit substances (crystal meth, crack, and cocaine) to legal drugs (Ritalin, Desoxyn, Ephedrine, Concerta, and Adderall). Whether illegal or prescribed by a medical professional, each one of these substances can have a similarly destructive impact on the central nervous system and the brain.

Stimulant Detox

The importance of detox from stimulants

A doctor might prescribe a legal stimulant to increase an individual’s mental functioning and focus. However, because these substances can be very addictive, many individuals find themselves using these drugs for unintended purposes. Over time, individuals who abuse stimulants will establish a tolerance for the substance, meaning that increased doses and more frequent use will be required to achieve the desired effects. When this occurs, and a chemical dependence takes over, individuals might find themselves grappling with the negative effects of a substance use disorder that will require professional treatment and rehab, including detox, to defeat.

It takes courage to ask for help, however, those who are battling the detrimental effects of a stimulant use disorder do not need to venture into treatment and rehab by themselves. One of the primary steps in achieving sobriety is to address the presence of toxic substances in one’s body. Without ridding one’s system of substances of abuse, he or she cannot expect to move forward successfully into the next part of treatment and rehab for a stimulant addiction. A monitored detox program can help women and men who are dependent on stimulants achieve sobriety in a safe manner, and lay the foundation for strength in recovery. Thankfully, when effective rehab and detox are sought at a quality treatment center like Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA, healing from a stimulant addiction can occur.

Stimulant Withdrawal

What happens during stimulant withdrawal

The negative physiological symptoms that take over when an individual suddenly ends his or her habitual abuse of stimulants is known as withdrawal. Attempting to withstand withdrawal without assistance or supervision from professionals in a detox program at a stimulant addiction treatment and rehab center can have dangerous consequences, and often causes the return to stimulant use in an effort to curb the pain of the experience. Repeating this process of failed attempts at withdrawal can serve to entrench an individual even further into his or her stimulant abuse, making it much more challenging to stop his or her abuse once and for all.

While everyone might experience withdrawal differently, there are some typical symptoms that can occur at the time of this process, and some of them are listed below:

  • Dehydration
  • Memory problems
  • Jitters
  • Increased appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Chills
  • Sweats
  • Cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Bodily aches and pains
  • Impaired cognition

For those without a personal experience with addiction, it may be challenging to understand why an individual would be tempted to use his or her drug of choice during the period of withdrawal. However, the above symptoms can be so painful that even an individual who really wants to end the pattern of addiction might not feel strong enough to withstand these symptoms for a long period of time. Thankfully, there is a much better way, and help in the form of supervised detox programming at a stimulant addiction treatment and rehab center that allows individuals to rid their bodies of harmful substances in a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment. Professional stimulant addiction treatment in the form of detox and rehab, like that which is available at Bowling Green in Kennett Square, PA, can help individuals find good health and healing once more.

Stimulant Detox Treatment

Benefits of stimulant detox treatment at Bowling Green

A top-notch supervised detox program at a stimulant addiction treatment and rehab center is an ideal first step in the process of recovery for women and men who have been unable to end their stimulant abuse on their own. While under the care of detox program staff, patients will be afforded many benefits and supports while in detox for stimulant addiction, such as the following:

  • Staff monitoring around the clock. Patients in detox for stimulant addiction at a treatment and rehab center are supervised 24/7 by compassionate, experienced, mental health and medical professionals who are trained in the needs of those who are detoxing from abused substances.
  • No risk of relapse. Since detox occurs within a substance-free environment at a stimulant addiction treatment and rehab center, the risk of relapse while in detox is essentially eliminated.
  • Medical intervention. When appropriate, some patients are provided medications to help reduce upsetting withdrawal symptoms that might be emerging while in detox for stimulant addiction. These medications are highly monitored, and are only prescribed by certified medical professionals.

Why Choose Bowling Green

Why choose our rehab in Kennett Square, PA

There are a number of immediate advantages to clearing one’s system entirely of stimulants through detox treatment and rehab. However, the long-term benefits of detox at Bowling Green Brandywine, located in Kennett Square, PA, within Chester county are what might be most beneficial in helping individuals to win the war with stimulant addiction once and for all. Some of these long-term benefits of detox for stimulant addiction are described below:

  • Continuity of care. By enrolling in a supervised stimulant detox program at a treatment center, individuals can move to the next phase of treatment and rehab without interruption, thereby reducing the risk of relapse.
  • Prepare to succeed. By cleaning out harmful substances from an individual’s system through detox for stimulant addiction, he or she is then prepared to move forward in the next step of his or her plan of treatment. Without obtaining sobriety, individuals will be unable to fully benefit from other interventions that are there for them to participate in when they don’t complete detox.
  • Life-long recovery is a process that requires an exceptional amount of fortitude. By obtaining sobriety in a supervised detox program, patients can obtain the bodily strength and peace of mind required to defeat the challenges they face in treatment and beyond.

The detox program at Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA is just one component of our comprehensive treatment and rehab program for addictions to stimulants. If you or someone you care for is interested in learning more about detox and addiction treatment and the support we provide to help you defeat a chemical dependence at our treatment and rehab center for stimulant addiction, we hope that you will reach out to us as soon as possible. Help is only a phone call away.

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