Prescription Painkiller Detox Treatment & Rehab Center in Kennett Square, PA

Prescription painkillers, which are classified as opioids, can only be prescribed by a medical professional, and will come with a warning that they can be habit-forming if consumed outside of the prescribing guidelines of a professional. When an individual does not follow through with his or her doctor’s recommendations for consuming a prescription painkiller, a number of detriments can start to unfold.

Prescription Painkiller Detox

The importance of detox from painkillers

For those who require medicinal assistance in order to be relieved from physical pain, prescription painkillers can be a life-saving option for treatment when everyday functioning is interrupted by pain caused by medical conditions, following a surgery, or because of an injury. However, there are many individuals who consume prescription painkillers for non-medical purposes. Often done to achieve a high that produces feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and detachment from one’s surroundings, abusing prescription painkillers can bring on similar challenges as those experienced by individuals who consume these drugs outside of a doctor’s recommendations. When the misuse of prescription painkillers becomes ongoing without a medical need for the painkiller, an addiction can easily develop, and treatment and rehab at an addiction center that includes detox may be needed in order to effectively end this type of substance abuse.

When care is required to stop a prescription painkiller addiction, one should consider participating within a program at a prescription painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center that includes detoxification (or detox) services. This type of care allows an individual to clear his or her body of harmful substances, such as prescription painkillers, so that the pain of withdrawal is lessened and so that other areas of recovery can be focused on.

Prescription Painkiller Withdrawal

What happens during painkiller withdrawal

When an individual starts to misuse a prescription painkiller, that individual does not assume that he or she will experience the pangs of addiction. Therefore, when an individual tries to end the use of these types of medications after abusing them for a long period of time without the help of a prescription painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center that includes detox, the symptoms of withdrawal that can manifest can be shocking.

Since prescription pain medications can cause an individual to develop a tolerance, which would then require him or her to consume more of the substance of choice to obtain the desired effects, withdrawal is likely to occur in the event that the abuse of the medication stops. A process that can include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, powerful cravings, and irritability, prescription pain medications can trigger a very uncomfortable and upsetting withdrawal that can make obtaining sobriety nearly impossible to do independently.

However, by obtaining the correct care at a prescription painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center that includes detox, an individual can experience relief from withdrawal and start to establish skills required to live a recovered life.

Painkiller Detox Treatment

Benefits of painkiller detox treatment at Bowling Green

Each person who comes to us for treatment and rehab at Bowling Green is assessed to decide if he or she requires detox to start the recovery process. When appropriate, detox will be supplied as the first step in a patient’s care at our painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center, and each individual will be made comfortable during the withdrawal process. In addition, a trained team of medical professionals is able to ensure that each individual’s health and wellbeing are also protected while in detox at our at our prescription painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center.

Once detox is complete, an individual who was one trapped within a dangerous cycle of prescription painkiller abuse will be able to experience relief from withdrawal symptoms, establish a clearer mindset, and be well enough to engage in other aspects of programming that are offered at our prescription painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center.

Why Choose Bowling Green

Why choose our rehab in Kennett Square, PA

If an individual fails to obtain treatment and rehab that includes detox to defeat a prescription painkiller addiction, that individual is likely to continue to abuse these substances. In addition, if a person obtains treatment and rehab but does not obtain detox, there is a great risk for relapse. For these reasons and more, it is critical that an individual who is addicted to prescription painkillers obtain detox in addition to other forms of therapeutic care at a treatment and rehab center that specializes in prescription painkiller addiction in order to end this possibly deadly form of chemical dependency.

Not only will one’s withdrawal symptoms be decreased while in detox, but an individual will be able to put all of his or her attention into getting better. Since a prescription painkiller addiction can cause an individual to establish priorities that surround substance abuse, detox can help an individual develop the clearness of mind required to move his or her priorities towards recovery and the skills needed to keep from the use of these medications in the future.

At Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA, located within Chester County, we know what it takes to defeat a painkiller addiction, and we are proud to offer the services, support, and guidance individuals need in the form of detox at our painkiller addiction treatment and rehab center to reclaim their lives again. Therefore, if you or someone you care for is looking to conquer this type of chemical dependency, we ask that you reach out to us to obtain more information about our effective and comprehensive addiction treatment and rehab, including detox.

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