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Heroin and prescription painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin are all considered opioids. When these substances are abused, they can sadly cause the development of an addiction that can overpower one’s entire life.

Opioid Detox

The importance of detox from opioids

From one’s work life, social life, and family life, an addiction to opioids can destroy every part of one’s existence, as it is one of the strongest and deadliest forms of chemical dependency.

Provided the harm that an opioid addiction can cause within one’s life when individuals do not seek rehab or detox at an addiction treatment center, treatment is almost always required in order to end the cycle of this type of addiction. In fact, for those who do not participate in effective and appropriate treatment that includes detox, the resulting effects of staying addicted to opioids can include irreversible damage to one’s mental and physical wellbeing, and even death as a response to overdose. Considering these detriments, it is smart to consider treatment and rehab for opioid addiction that includes both therapeutic services and detoxification. Detoxification, also commonly known as detox, is a unique aspect of treatment that deeply addresses the physical elements of addiction at the beginning stages of the patient’s recovery. These services can help patients solidify the initial steps required to obtain sobriety and stay opioid-free. Thankfully, when effective rehab and detox are sought at a quality treatment center like Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA, healing from an opioid addiction can occur.

Opioid Withdrawal

What happens during opioid withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal is known to be one of the most uncomfortable and unpleasant forms of drug withdrawal. When an individual has been abusing heroin and/or prescription painkillers to the extent where his or her body grows accustomed to the presence of the substance, withdrawal symptoms are likely to develop when the individual is no longer consuming opioids.

Withdrawing from opioids can include bodily aches and pains, strong cravings for more of one’s drug or drugs of choice, and feeling sick. Since these symptoms can be very disruptive and painful, many women and men relapse and start using opioids again when they don’t seek assistance from professionals in a detox program at an opioid addiction treatment and rehab center. However, if one partakes in treatment and rehab that includes detox, not only can he or she experience a much more pleasant process of withdrawal, but he or she can obtain what is needed to make profound strides on the road to recovery. Professional opioid addiction treatment in the form of detox and rehab, like that which is available at Bowling Green in Kennett Square, PA, can help individuals find good health and healing once more.

Opioid Detox Treatment

Benefits of opioid detox treatment at Bowling Green

As a leading provider of addiction treatment and rehab for opioids, Bowling Green is happy to supply some of the best detoxification services available. At Bowling Green, patients at our opioid addiction treatment and rehab center can benefit from our team’s experience and enjoy a life-changing treatment environment that promotes healing. Each patient will be made as comfortable as possible while in detox for opioid addiction, and the continued support and encouragement received makes every patient who engages in our treatment program feel as though they are cared for and a part of an excellent recovery community. For these reasons and more, Bowling Green is equipped to help you start down the path towards an opioid-free life with our detox treatment and rehab for opioid addiction.

Why Choose Bowling Green

Why choose our rehab in Kennett Square, PA

When an individual does not receive opioid addiction treatment, or if an individual does not partake in detox services for this form of chemical dependency at an opioid addiction treatment and rehab center, the results can be destructive. For many who stay physically dependent on opioids, one or more relapses can occur, which can prevent those individuals from breaking free of the grips of addiction. However, for the patients who do participate in our detox services at our opioid addiction treatment and rehab center, there is a stronger likelihood that they will be able to more effectively prevent relapse and continue to lead healthy, sober lives after completing detox.

Participation in a detox program allows an individual to obtain the good health and clarity of mind required to fully understand why and how he or she become addicted to opioids. With these two benefits, an individual is able to entirely engage him or herself in the programming, which can help elicit the confidence and skills needed to never use opioids such as painkillers or heroin again after completing detox at our opioid addiction treatment and rehab center.

For those who are prepared to begin a truly transformative and life-saving treatment journey, the search for the top treatment and rehab center with quality detox is over. Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA has a strong, well-earned reputation for helping numerous women and men obtain sobriety after completing detox, and by starting your care at our center, we believe we can help you too.

If you or someone you love wants to learn more about how Bowling Green can help in recovering from an opioid addiction and detox at our addiction treatment and rehab center, and obtaining the goal of a substance-free life, we hope that you will reach out to us.

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