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Percocet, which is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone, is an opioid medication that is in a group of substances that are known to be extremely addictive.

Percocet Detox

The importance of detox from Percocet

Percocet is a potent opioid substance that is most commonly prescribed to those who are struggling with physical pain. In many cases, Percocet will be prescribed by a physician who will also offer a strong warning that the use of this medication can be habit-forming if it is consumed outside of the recommendations offered to him or her. When an individual does not follow these recommendations, many different damages can develop.

Additionally, there are numerous individuals who consume Percocet for non-medical purposes. Most commonly done to obtain a high that includes euphoria, detachment from one’s surroundings, and relaxation, Percocet abuse can bring on a number of effects that are similar to those experienced by people who consume this medication against the direction of a physician. When the use of Percocet begins to become a regular occurrence and there is no medical purpose for it, an addiction can develop and treatment and rehab, including detox at an addiction treatment center might be necessary in order to stop this type of substance abuse.

When professional treatment and rehab are necessary in order to end an addiction to Percocet, an individual should look into partaking in a program that includes detoxification, or detox, services. Detox allows individuals to rid their bodies of deadly substances, including Percocet, so that the pain of withdrawal that he or she is suffering from can be eliminated and other areas of his or her recovery can be tended to. Thankfully, when effective rehab and detox are sought at a quality treatment center like Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA, healing from a Percocet addiction can occur.

Percocet Withdrawal

What happens during Percocet withdrawal

When an individual attempts to stop his or her use of Percocet after abusing it for a long time, the symptoms of withdrawal that he or she is likely to experience can be very distressing. Attempting to withstand withdrawal without assistance or supervision from professionals in a detox program at a Percocet addiction treatment and rehab center can have dangerous consequences.

Since Percocet can cause individuals to develop a tolerance to it, which then causes them to consume more of it in order to achieve the desired effects, withdrawal is likely to occur when use is ceased. Percocet withdrawal can include symptoms such as agitation, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, vomiting, shakiness, nausea, abdominal cramping, and insomnia. When one tries to stop his or her addiction independently without seeking detox at an addiction treatment and rehab center, these painful symptoms of withdrawal can cause him or her to go back into the dangerous cycle of Percocet use in order to find relief.

However, by obtaining the correct treatment and rehab that includes detox, an individual can experience relief from withdrawal and start to establish the skills that he or she needs to lead a drug-free life. Professional Percocet addiction treatment in the form of detox and rehab, like that which is available at Bowling Green in Kennett Square, PA, can help individuals find good health and healing once more.

Percocet Detox Treatment

Benefits of Percocet detox treatment at Bowling Green

Each individual who looks to obtain care here at Bowling Green Brandywine is assessed to determine if he or she should include detox at the start of his or her treatment and rehab process. When indicated, detox will be the initial step in one’s care, and each individual will be made more comfortable at the time of his or her withdrawal at our Percocet addiction treatment and rehab center. In addition, we have a team of trained medical professionals who are prepared to ensure that the health of each patient in detox is being monitored appropriately.

Once detox is finished, an individual who was once stuck within the deadly cycle of Percocet abuse will start to experience alleviation of their withdrawal symptoms, develop a clearer mindset, and be healthy enough to participate in other areas of our programming at our Percocet addiction treatment and rehab center.

Why Choose Bowling Green

Why choose our rehab in Kennett Square, PA

If an individual does not obtain treatment to end his or her addiction to Percocet, that individual is likely to continue to abuse this prescription painkiller. Additionally, if an individual obtains treatment and rehab but does not go through detox, there is an increased risk that he or she will suffer a relapse. Therefore, it is necessary that an individual who is addicted to Percocet receive detox, as well as other types of therapeutic treatment and rehab at a Percocet addiction center, to end this form of chemical dependency once and for all.

Not only will one’s withdrawal symptoms be decreased, but by taking part in detox, he or she will also be able to put all of his or her focus on getting better. Since a Percocet addiction can lead an individual to place his or her substance abuse before everything else, detox can be critical in helping him or her establish the clearness of mind necessary to transform his or her priorities towards recovery and develop the skills needed to prevent the abuse of Percocet in the future while in treatment and rehab at a Percocet addiction center.

At Bowling Green Brandywine in Kennett Square, PA, we realize what it takes to defeat an addiction to Percocet, and we are proud to supply the support, services, and guidance in the form of detox and other treatment and rehab methods that our patients need to get back in control of their lives. Therefore, if you or someone you care for is interested in looking to overcome this kind of substance use disorder, we encourage you to reach out to us as quickly as possible to get more information about the comprehensive addiction treatment options, including detox for Percocet addiction, that we can supply.

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